Series Teaser: Building a Gaming PC

HAF 932 AdvancedSo you want to try your hand at building a gaming PC? If you answered yes, then you might be interested in an upcoming series that will include what hardware to get, how to fit all of it together as well as tips and tricks to help make sure your first build is successful.

Whether you are new to the PC building scene or are a seasoned pro, there will be something in this series for you. Having built and modified many PCs myself, I have a lot of experience on the subject and know how to get the best performance for your money, as well as how you can avoid some very costly mistakes.

Throughout the series I will cover different hardware for all budgets, from a basic “on a budget” system right the way up to a top end monster gaming rig. Whatever your budget or requirements are, there are plenty of options out there and I will try my best to cover as many of them as possible as well as give my opinion on what hardware you should choose.

Each week I will try to cover a different topic and to make things easier I will compile a list below of each article in the series.

Stay tuned for the first article in the series, coming later this week.

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