Should games integrate their cutscenes into the gameplay?

After looking at the gameplay of the upcoming Bioshock Infinite game  several months back. I noticed that the gameplay appears to be much more fluid and fast-paced than current games avaliable. I then noticed that in both preview videos that neither have fully-devoted cutscenes in certain areas, but instead it allows the player to roam freely (if a little) whilst a scene is being played (e.g. the scene where Elizabeth rips open a portal into the 80′s for a few seconds). Now I’m not psycic, I cannot fully tell if this is 100% true, or it could take control off of you during said scenes. However if this game has  included what should be cutscenes into the gameplay, this could be a first of it’s kind. Think about it, what other games include this kind of feature?

I personally cannot wait until this game is out, I am trying to upgrade my PC just so that I can enjoy the same fluidness shown in the videos. However I also would like to think that other games should take this idea into hand whilst being developed. Cutscenes break up the gameplay speed and can sometimes slow or even in some cases, crash the game. (Which mostly happens with some old PC’s)

It is games like Bioshock Infinite that could make you wonder if you’re either playing a game or in a film. The fluidity needs to keep going, otherwise it’ll break up the tension, and, in some cases can even halt your ‘game zone’ and get you killed.

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