Should old games be revamped?

Looking back over the past twenty years, the game industry has grown incredibly. Starting off with simple 8 or 16-bit side scrollers in the early 1990′s, today we are at the brink of what may be full-on virtual reality. However, you may or may have not noticed that recent games have started to copy each other and become the same old game over and over. It has happened with CoD, it has happened with FIFA, it has happened with Halo and Gears, heck, most ofthe games I can think of are just the same thing each time a newgame comes out.

No game today still captures the same level of excitement than being in a ridiculously overpowered craft that cannot crash unless shot down or crushed.

But what if we take a look back to the early games we used to play and love? Sure, Nintendo have stuck with Mario and Pokemon for the past two decades, but what Im trying to say is, why not take a look at other classic games? Does anyone rememeber the games such as Skyroads or Hellbender? It’s unlikely if you have if you were born after 96, but even so, why hasn’t anyone thought, “You know what, that game was a huge hit when it came out, why don’t we redo it with modern graphics and audio and re-sell it?”

I did an article a while ago talking about Relic’s lack of interest in the Homeworld franchise. Homeworld came out in 1999, it was a huge game, being the most advanced of its time in terms of gameplay and story plot and because of it, it won game of the year. Relic may not know this, but there are a load of people out there who are willing to buy that game again if it was redone with todays graphics. It worked for Halo: Combat Evolved, why can’t it work for older games?

Hellbender is another game that you may or may not have heard of. It is the sequal game of Fury 3, where you are a pilot controlling an experimental craft, trying to destroy a man-made race called the Bions. It sounds cheesy but it is one of the best simulator games I have ever played hands down. Now, there are a couple of things that could be changed and improved to that game, but even so, it should still hold its charm and uniqueness as it did back in 1996.

Even covers like this are better than some you get today. Its bold, brash and straight to the point. Even the slogan is epic because its true.

The problem is with today is that the gaming industry is all about money, as with everything in this world. I can tell by this because with Homeworld 1 for example, Relic took their time to create it, and boy did their work pay off. But in 2003, Relic was already part of THQ, and because of this, the big boys up in THQ told Relic to hurry up with the development of Homeworld 2. Therefore Relic had to scrap their big plan of creating environments so large that fighters could run down cracks in a ship just like the deathstar to a plot that has three plot holes and overall just does not have the same wow factor like its original. Even Cataclysm, a stand alone spin off created by Barking Dog Studios had more emotional tension than Homeworld 2. (Overall this could also explain their lack of progress with the third game, if it exists.)

Either way, I think we all would love to see the games we used to play come back to us all detailed and uber-awesome, but then again, they may loose their charm. In a way I would love to play Homeworld or Hellbender in todays graphics, but then again, it’ll ruin the mystery of me asking myself  “What the hell is that supposed to be?!”


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