Sim City 5 “Scenario 2″ Trailer

Last month, the first trailer for the new Sim City game was revealed and showed off some of the new features and also by the looks of things, improved graphics and AI. A new video has appeared on EA France and shows how the water system will work in the new game:

As the video explains, the new Sim City game will make use of a brand new simulation engine called Glass Box. This new engine looks as if it will make the game that little bit more realistic compared to previous versions and possibly more challenging, with extra features giving the game a lot more depth.

I am a fan of the series myself and spent many game hours in Sim City 3000. However, I did not play the current version of the game, Sim City 4, so it will be interesting to see how all the new features will effect the game-play and how far the series has come.

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