Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – What to expect

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the 2009 RTS game Sins of a Solar Empire. To those of you who haven’t heard it before, it is an 4X RTS space empire game that allows you to build and expand your empire across the map or ‘galaxy’ and wage war or create trade routes with your rivals. Developed by Ironclad, a very small and somewhat unfamiliar games developer compared to the big boys such as Epic Games and THQ, these underdogs forged Sins together not knowing what to expect but boy did it deliver. Since the game’s release in 2009, it later created two expansion packs; Entrenchment and Diplomacy, and a bundle copy of all three into what is known as Trinity.

Before we continue I will quickly wrap up the basic information:

There are three playable races; The T.E.C. (Trader Emergency Coalition) who are basic humans who specialise in projectiles, lasers, and rockets, The Advent, who are also humans but have been warped with psychic abilities. They specialise in beam and psychic weaponry. And the Vasari, who are aliens that are running away from an unknown threat that is out to kill them. They have advanced alien weaponry and abilities.

There are three types of ship class: Fighter, Frigate and Capital Ship.

There are three types of resources: Metal, Crystal and Credits. These can be increased through mines and planet taxes/trade.

From that, lets move back to the subject.

However all this may sound nice but four years on

One of the new Advent Titan ships

(or games). Due to the three races waging war against each other, as well as depleted resources due to increased trade and construction, the races are struggling on how to end the war. However as the races are starting to lose control of themselves, rebellion erupts from their decisions on what is right for themselves, and what is right for the others.

What makes this game so special is all to do with its new gameplay system, where you can choose between becoming a loyalist or a rebel to your chosen race. Each sub-faction grants you different ship units and strengths/weaknesses.  However there is more! New ship units have been added as well as an entire new class: Titan Ships. These bad boys dwarf Capital class ships that were once one of the biggest class of ships you could build, and also pack a huge punch in firepower.

On the other hand unfortunately, Just like the original game, there is no evidence of Rebellion having a campaign mode. Ironclad has said that this is because due to the extreme lengths of the games, especially on a huge map (that can take days or even weeks to complete,) there is no need for one. In all fairness seeing as the original game did so well without a campaign, this game doesn’t need one either and can still possibly prosper.

A large battle between mulitple Titan Ships

There is already a short teaser video that has been released that sums up the situation in the storyline so far as well as showing some footage of what the new Titan class ships can do. However at the end the narrator says “Meanwhile, the alien assault has become increasingly desperate… but strangely, their outcasts may end up being our salvation… especially if the warning is true…” What he means by this is the strange unknown force that is following the Vasari race (the aliens), and the possibility of the force eventually coming to the other two races. It is still unsure that this force may appear later on in the series, but I bet my money that it will do. Besides, its a good, tense plot that could carry the series further.


To find out more, here is a link to the official trailer.

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