Sniper Elite V2 Review by CRFC11 Reviews Critic Lelantos

Before the campaign starts you are shown a brief but in depth video with your character narrating over the top. This sets the scene and explains the reason as to why you’re in Berlin and what your task is. The task is to eliminate Nazi scientist before the Soviets get their hands on them and to also stop V2 rockets from hitting England sparking a new world war, with devastating consequences.

The game is highly focused on realism with bullet drop wind movement and even the effects of different calibers on the human body.

The campaign is very good however I think its going to be online play and DLC that will keep the game alive as, in general you move from one location to another shooting people, in various and sometimes hilarious ways.

The game is very heavily orientated on stealth, those who try to run and gun are very quickly cut down (on Elite) as the enemy are good shots and use cover whenever possible. With this in mind if you can time your shots to coincide with loud noises in the environment, you can take out isolated targets without being spotted. This gives you a greater advantage as the alarm will not be raised, and as such the enemy will not be on alert looking for you. Should a patrol come across a target that you have neutralized they will spend 5mins looking for you before staying in a small search grid giving you the opportunity to eliminate them.

The other problem with running and gunning is that the enemies have ridiculous eyesight and hearing and within 1 shot can usually pinpoint your location to within 3inches in as many seconds. This is possibly the most annoying aspect of the game is the overpowered AI. As on several occasions I have shot an isolated guard clearly hidden from sight and yet the enemy is able to zero my position from around the corner and some distance away.

This become especially annoying when you get a significant shot which allows you to follow the bullet as it flies to the target, as you can see just how much of you is exposed and how far away the opposition is. Regardless the opposition has you bang to rights… To read more please check out our partners website here


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