Starcraft 2 Review

One of the most popular games of the 90′s has had a second instalment.  After more than a decade in development, did we get a product worthy of praise the first game received?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that this game has more than outdone the original Starcraft on so many different levels.  It is a much deeper game, is much more impressive graphically, and it is both fun and competitive for any gamer.

A Zerg Rush obliterating the foe

Lets start with the visuals.  The game looks great, simply put.  Even a non-gaming computer can run it and when it is run on a gaming PC it looks phenomenal.  When zoomed in the figures are all detailed and look good.  Each unit has a background image than moves and talks back to you, continuing to immerse you within the game.  The buildings also have this effect as the detail is very good from a close up view which means the developers clearly went the distance with the detail in the game.

Next, lets look at the gameplay.  With three races to choose from, any one gamer can have fun playing as Zerg, the insect like race, Terran, the human group, or Protoss, the mysterious alien race.  With that much variety gamers have any choice as to who they play but many stick with just one race.  Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses, which makes strategy ands actions vary depending on who you play.

The campaign is a good one.  Not only is the story great with its continuation from the first game, but also, puts in some interesting twists by giving the player the ability of choosing different paths when it comes to what you want to do and who you want to trust.  The other big feature within the campaign is the integration of being able to upgrade units in between missions which makes game play interesting as the upgrades you can get drastically change the way a unit can be used.

The gameplay really comes to shine in the multiplayer however.  Most likely what most gamers care about in Starcraft 2 is the multiplayer because, after all, it is the national sport of South Korea.  With the ranking system and the competitiveness of multiplayer, it makes the game both enjoyable and frustrating at times.  Many players will try to “cheese” to get easy wins at the beginning of matches to increase their rank.  However, this is a minor problem once you have figured out how to stop it.  When more people are added beyond the 1v1 ladder matches things get more complex and interesting as strategies have to change to accommodate for your allies.

Also, going along with the ranked aspect of Multiplayer, there are plenty of custom-made game types that have been submitted by everyday players.  This community involvement provides some fun game modes when the competitive nature of the ladder matches get to you.

My final rating, based on how I have played the game and my experience is that I give Starcraft 2 a 9.5/10.  It gives everything that a Starcraft fan would ever want and more.  The only thing bad about the game is the occasional frustration of multiplayer, but otherwise the game is almost perfect.

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