Steam Is Ahead of the Curve Again

We’ve all known Steam to be reliable and a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to downloadable games and online content, offering: free service, fast downloads, good online support, and even unheard of deals sometimes, like free downloads of games like Portal. Well, Steam-loyal fans, they’ve done it again. Now Steam offers remote downloads of games and content, yes, that means while you’re out, if you want to get on your smartphone and start the download of a game while you’re not at your computer, you can, and damn is that convenient, don’t you just hate waiting for a download, I know I do, so now you can just do it while you’re out and come home to a freshly downloaded game, lovely.

With anything, of course there’s some slight restrictions, that being that your PC or Mac has to have an active Steam client running. But this isn’t too big of a deal considering usually when you start up your computer, Steam opens itself anyway. So basically it eludes to leaving your computer on when you leave, not a big deal since many people do that anyway, a slight worry may be in order for viruses to worm their way into your computer, but with a decent virus and scam blocker this can probably be easily prevented. The other restriction is that, for now, the app is only on iOS and Android, but knowing Steam, it will probably eventually spread out to infect everyone’s smartphone with its lovely virus of happiness and convenience.

Now that you’ve taken the veggies, here’s a little dessert: the app is available and effective immediately, so you can go on your smartphone right after you’re done reading this and start downloading on the go. The other plus is that it also allows you while logged onto your account remotely to see what games and content you have downloaded currently, as well as what is in your queue to be downloaded, and what is currently in the process of being downloaded, cool stuff. And, of course, it allows you to pay for your downloads remotely, as well, if there is any cost, and will, in fact, ask you once you’ve clicked on your choice of downloads if you would like to start downloading your new purchase immediately, so you can either save it to download for later if you have a bulky queue or get it downloaded now right away and come home to a new game ready to play or new content ready to add.

I don’t even have a smartphone and I’m excited about this because it proves that unlike so many games companies today (LOOKING AT YOU EA SPORTS, has anyone else seen the price tag for a special edition version of Madden ’12?!) they actually give a damn about their customers. And I know they don’t really make games often (I think they’ve released a few), but they know how to keep their customers happy with cool add-ons like this, great deals, and even free content and games. This proves that Steam is willing to look to the future and to progress, using the tools that the present technology has offered them. Few game companies have even considered taking that step, and I’m happy to see Steam is still staying in the forefront of the future of games and customer satisfaction. So rejoice gamers, Steam has done it again, for you.

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