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We do not take ownership of images or videos sourced from an external site. These are sourced within the article and if you wish to have any removed due to copyright infringement, contact us immediately at either [email protected] or [email protected], we will then be in contact with you to remove said images/graphics/videos.

Any use of original content be it graphics/quotes/videos from this site must be notified to the Games-Tec editors via the contact us page, use of these are allowed, as long as ownership is not claimed over them.

Upon submitting an article or video to the sites, Games-Tec takes ownership of said media. Any opinions in any posts of these sites are the opinions of the authors of said posts, not the owners of the site. We simply own the article, not its opinions.

We do not encourage plagiarism on Games-Tec, any posts found to be containing copied material, unless quoted or stated otherwise will be removed and sanctions will be taken against the user that submitted said post/video.

The use of the site must not breach the following rules;

-promoting other sites apart from those who pay to advertise upon it.

-posting inappropriate comments/images or media used to commit offence against others.

-posting of pornography in the forums is not allowed.

-posting of links to spam sites, or messaging members with spam is not allowed.

-using automatic machines to create accounts and post spam.

-use of games-tec materials in a way which is disallowed by the site.

-using the live chat feature to post spam or harass other members.

-fixing competitions or events to go in your favor.


If any of the above are breached, we will take sanctions against said person depending on the severity of the crime.

With minor offences, we offer a three point system, you get 3 warnings before being banned form accessing the site.

If there are any questions which are not answered in the above please contact one of the site owners at [email protected] or [email protected]

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