The Avengers: The Amazing Movie and the Horrible-Looking Game


This is gonna be a two-part review: a quick look at the amazing movie and a quick look at what’s quickly turning out to look like a horrible movie game. So desserts first, if you haven’t gone to see The Avengers yet, WHY NOT!? It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, and succeeds as both a superhero movie and a cinematic film. Yes, there are some cheesy lines and some of the costumes look a little dorky sometimes, but this adds camp, which is to be expected, if not hoped for in a beloved superhero film, it adds a degree of cult to it; and yes, The Avengers is technically a cult movie, if you don’t believe me, message me and I’ll tell you how. Overall, it has a little bit of everything: drama, plenty of action and well-choreographed fight scenes, humor, sad moments, complete turn-arounds in mood at some points, morbidity, and just pure, sleek awesomeness. There are few feelings you will get like seeing Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk on screen at one time, it’s admittedly pretty freaking cool. And Black Widow and Hawkeye do an awesome job to hold their own; I’m a big Hawkeye fan so I was particularly ecstatic about this. All of the actors do well, delivering a great rendition of their comic book character’s screen persona, and cheesy lines aside, they are very convincing and it gives you quite a rush watching them fight. Everyone gets a nice piece of screen time and their turn to do some epic mind-blowing stunts and show-off scenes on screen, which is very satisfying as it leaves no one out, no one feels forgotten or less important than the others, which arguably can happen in films focusing on large groups of main characters, such as in The Lord of the Rings series (believe me, I love the series, but it’s true). Another thing that struck me as particularly clever was the inclusion of so many Easter Eggs, shoutouts, and fan moments for the dedicated Marvel fans and sometimes even just for the nerd community, I won’t spoil any, but I will tell you that there are TWO secret endings that you need to stick around for, one prefaces the next movie (which is confirmed for production) and the second is just a silly one for fun, but is still totally awesome. Overall, it’s a great movie, totally worth the extra cost for 3D (for once) with great moments, great lines, great action sequences, great fighting, memorable characters, a great sense of humor, and an overall fun as hell rush like no other, in my opinion it is the perfect superhero movie and I even put it up there with one of the best movies I have ever seen, I’ve seen it three times and it STILL hasn’t gotten old and retains ALL of its awesomeness each time I re-watch it, and I would even go there, to say that it is BETTER than The Dark Knight, I know I’ll get some whiplash for that comment, but that’s my opinion and my impression I leave you with to remember JUST how awesome this movie is, go see it, AT LEAST once, you WILL NOT regret it, I promise.

      Now, onto the next order of business, the looming movie game, (sigh) why? No one saw it fit to make a game of The Dark Knight, so why should we be exposed to the horror of a movie game of The Avengers, a game to put a dark spot on an otherwise perfect movie, that’s not okay. THQ started production of the game in contact with Marvel, but then handed it off to Ubisoft who continued the work with Marvel, to put it plainly, this game looks horrible so far, I’m not gonna lie, and I wish I could. The first clue is that it’s being put on the XBOX Kinect and the Wii U, well, pack it up, we’re going home, we ALREADY know it’s going to be horrible, we’ve seen the movie games, and we’ve seen the movie games for these systems, we’re gamers, we’re not stupid! We’ve had enough abominations with things like Kinect Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland, we’re good, honest. But no, Ubisoft and Marvel feels SO obliged to make a movie game that will tear cash from a crying parent’s arms like a Chupacabra tearing flesh off a goat, it won’t be pretty, and we know it, even decent movie games like Green Lantern and Thor get repetitive fast and present mostly uncomplicated controls, low to no replay value, and general lack of creativity, especially if you put in a second character (WHY DID SINESTRO HAVE THE SAME MOVE SET AS HAL JORDAN!?), so time and experience, dreadful, sometimes painful, experience has taught us well, don’t go near movie games. Now, there is already a leeked extended clip from Alpha stages of production of the game showing some gameplay with the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor (they BETTER NOT leave out Black Widow and Hawkeye), all of it first person (woo-hoo…) with the motion controls commanding your actions, which looks like it will fail, horribly, seeing as how complicated some of the moves you can do in unison are such as flying or hovering and firing, that’ll be a treat…There are components like special kills, team kills, upgrades and specials for each character, and a unique move set for each, but that doesn’t forgive what looks like to be crappy unresponsive controls (which we’ve come to expect from games like this) and terribly bad graphics (though I will excuse the producers a little here, it is in its Alpha stages, not much is done). It looks like it will be following a story completely different from the movie’s, which is always a good sign, it appears your heroes are fighting the Skrull, again, uncreative, but stock and very workable, there even seem to be inclusions of Super Skulls (an X-Men one and a Fantastic Four one so far) which each have their own unique move set and special kills, which is admittedly a little impressive, most game companies don’t take that much effort, it’s nice to see, but is it promising, no, I doubt it, unfortunately. There are only four venues done so far, so your heroes could be going anyway, but so far they range from the Hellicarrier to the Skrull Mothership (which should be interesting). Well, here’s the clip, so I’ll let you judge for yourself, but don’t be too overwhelmed…this is gonna be horrible, you just have to brace yourself:

Avengers: Battle For Earth, the horrible-looking movie game being made by Ubisoft and Marvel, watch at your own risk.

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