The Chinese Have Arrived! – World Of Tanks 8.3 Update

It didn’t seem that long ago when finally released the long awaited British tank tech tree to the public in the 8.2 update for World of Tanks. And it was clearly a huge success. (Far better than the French tanks). But now the Brits are old news, it’s time for something fresh, something from the Far East. The Chinese are in town.


The tier III Chi-Ha in action.

In this update, there are 17 new tanks to choose from. However if you’re a World of Tanks veteran, you would have already noticed by looking at the tech tree that some of the tanks available are similar or even identical to ones already available. This is true, especially in the lower-mid tier tanks such as the M5A1 tier V (5) light tank. This small tank is similar to its M5 tier IV (4) American equivalent.

Why is this you may ask? well it’s all down to the historical background of capturing and importing foreign tanks. The Chinese tier I tank is a modified French tank for example.

The latter tiers (ranging from VI-X) are more focused on Soviet and original Chinese designs. The tier IX WZ-III is based on the Soviet IS-3 for example.

There is one downfall to the Chinese. Their guns are not very accurate. Compared to the German tanks, where you can quickly focus onto a target and fire, the Chinese guns have to be left to zoom in for slightly longer, thus giving you a major disadvantage as quick firing and precise targeting is vital for your survival and victory. So yes, do expect to tear out your hair from stress as you keep on missing point-blanc shots.

On the upside, their armour is reasonably slanted and thick. Therefore giving you the chance to bounce shots a lot more in the latter tiers unlike the German and British late tiers.

Other than that, here is a video of me in action with the tier one and tier three tanks.

See you on the battlefield!

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