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So let’s think back to that primordial ooze from which the First Person Shooter genre with games such as Maze War and MIDI Maze on the infamous Atari ST. These games may look like the sort of thing you may find at the bottom of a 99p game bin, however at their time they were the cutting edge of game design and interaction, as well as enabling the networking of players together to enhance the gameplay and overall experience.

These games were the forerunners and innovators that spawned the legacy of first person shooters with which we are currently ingratiated in. The early 90s saw the rise of much more advanced games however the majority still focused on maze gameplay such as Bungies first game Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete, and the Marathon series (which is the basis for the Halo series), other more classics that you may of heard of also came from this early era of gaming such as Wolfenstein 3D.

And so the gaming industry exploded, this saw the rise of DOOM another titan of the First Person Shooter genre. Several years later something magical happened the dawning of a new generation of console this the 5th generation, came with possibly one of the best consoles ever designed, the prestigious Nintendo 64 (N64) and alongside it of course the Sony PlayStation. These consoles gave the gaming industry its first real set or gaming series and franchises, such as, MoH (Medal of Honor), Quake and Tom Clancys Rainbow 6, Metal Gear Solid.

This highlighted that games which were ahead of their time well…. weren’t, this pushed publishers to make games that would break boundaries and invent new innovative game play for the FPS genre, the 6th generation of consoles truly smashed preconceptions on what was viable for the FPS genre with the likes of the legendary Halo series, which pushed video sound and gameplay to new heights. I mean come on Halo: Combat Evolved pretty much made the 360 franchise, the multiplayer aspect of FPS very quickly became the biggest thing in the genre and as such the campaigns and storylines faded and became more secondary to the new online aspect of the games.

The online aspect of the FPS genre has resulted in very powerful franchises such as Halo and CoD having very diluted campaigns and very intense online multiplayer games. And with this have come competitive clans and leagues, which have shaped many of the current games. However there are still games which focus on the campaign such as Operation Flashpoint, a franchise which has been going since 2001. They also do online competitive play however the main focus of the Operation Flashpoint franchise is CO-OP (cooperative) play, working together with other players to complete an objective or goal, against AI (artificial intelligence)… To read more please check out our partners website here

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