The Future for World of Tanks: The British are coming!

It has been a busy year for the good people at Wargaming. They’re currently developing the Beta for World of Warplanes and in the World of Tanks division…well…first of all, they brought out the French SPGs and Tank Destroyers, added tier X tank destroyers to all nations and recently released the 8.0 update with enhanced graphics and physics, allowing players to do jumps in a Tiger tank! (which usually doesn’t end well) Surely they should give themselves a rest right?

Well, it doesn’t seem like it! They are Russian after all, they do like to provide as much as possible, as quick as possible and everybody on the receiving end is far from being disappointed! So what’s next on their long list of awesome updates? Oh yes, the British are finally coming!

Now I’m not going to be patriotic or anything but I’ve been wondering and waiting for the British to come onto World of Tanks ever since I started playing it after the EU beta…which was about two years ago now. I am genuinely excited about this new update!

So what is so special about it? Honestly, it’s a pretty standard update. The gameplay itself will stay the same, seeing as the 8.0 update made a massive improvement already. Several maps such as Province, El Hallauf, Abbey and Dragon Ridge have received the facelift treatment with better graphics, and most importantly, bug fixes…such as the Dragon Ridge ‘Red Screen’ bug.

What about the British tanks? Will they be any good? All of the nations in WoT have their advantages and disadvantages and the British on this matter will most likely be the same as the rest. Some of the British tanks are already available to play. The Soviet Churchill, Matilda and Valentine are available, although they are only premium tanks and are not that good as some free tanks. And lets not forget the first British premium tank, the Matilda Black Prince.

For those who are intrigued by what’s in store, the most notable tanks on the list include: The Centurion, the Black Prince, the Conqueror, the Comet, the Cromwell and many others.

There isn’t much detail into their dynamics and abilities just yet, but so far they look on par with the German and American tanks in terms of speed and armour. Hopefully Wargaming should release some more in-depth news about the new update in the months to come. In the meantime, we all need to sit and wait.

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