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The Gaming community was once a pleasant place where you and your friends could team up and enjoy hours of fun on your gaming platform, I remember playing Command and Conquer online and at the beginning of every game or in the lobby, you would always wish your opposition GL & HF (Good Luck and Have Fun) then once the game was nearing its end you would say GG and or WP (Good Game, Well Played). Now this is not to say there weren’t times where people would give you abuse, but generally this would be players who were either very bad losers or who didn’t play a lot of games, as the odds were if they continued someone would report them and their IP would get banned.

Then the consoles came PS1, PS2, Xbox, Game Cube etc. Now this was fine as you couldn’t play online with these consoles, so most multiplayer games would normally be a LAN (Local Area Network) or Split Screen and as such if you had an issue you could just take a few steps and talk to the person. This allowed people to settle their issues civilly, as you weren’t going to call someone all the names under the sun knowing they were just in the next room.

However when the next gen of consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, were made with the internet an essential part of the consoles and all future games to be released on them, this brought a new world to the gaming community. With the ability to play anyone from nearly anywhere on a console this was initially relished by the Gaming Community who embraced it. Very quickly the traditional tournaments and leagues such as GB (Gamer Battles) added the consoles and you could now compete with your team internationally with great ease. This was the console revolution, desktops were being mothballed for the console which only needed upgrading (purchasing) every 4years and you were guaranteed any game you purchased for that console would work with no major upgrades (unless they were physically interactive like the Dance games).

Then “The Rise” happened. This was when parents that had always bought their underage children the latest games, irrespective of age certificate, unleashed their offspring online. And the stereotypical COD player was born. Now before I go any further I should point out that there was a “Rise” on the desktop, however IP bans and kick voting enabled the more seasoned gamer to quickly eradicate these players from their servers…

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