The Journey has begun! Albion awaits!

You may have heard that Lionhead Studios is creating an all-new Fable game. Well, this is true, and it’s in it’s final stages at the moment but what is so different from it compared to the last three?

Well for a start, the game is only going to be compatible with the Kinect, Why? Because for some reason, using your hands is somewhat the step forward in the gameing world…

On a serious note, this game has already recieved some pretty negative reviews from critics and I’m not suprised. Take a look at the gameplay sometime and you can see that it is completely different from the previous three. For a start it’s first person instead of third and for the majority of the game it looks like you just steer a horse pulling a caravan along a road. Literally, forget the upcoming Microsoft FLIGHT because this is Horse Simulator.

Will Lionhead continue this type of gaming for the series? I hope not because if they’ve read the reviews, they would know that this will not sell as well as the previous three.

The one thing that developers do not seem to get is, people do not like change very often, especially if it is drastic. Just look at CoD or FIFA, they’re still making huge sales because the gameplay is rarely touched. (apart from a few tweaks) but Fable: The Journey is a complete and utter different game compared to the original three. Lionhead knew that Fable III created a dip in their sales, but why take the risk for something that hardly anyone has? I’m not saying that the Kinect is bad or anything, but the majority of gamers still use a controller rather than jumping about like 12-year olds infront of their TV.

Now I’m a fan of the Fable series, I have all three, but I wouldn’t buy The Journey as it just does not look attractive. (And I don’t have a Kinect.) What Lionhead needs to do is to look at their past games, see what was right and what was wrong, give the player a longer chance at being king, and perhaps people will start to fall back into their reaches with witty humour and a scare here and there. They have the ideas, but not the right style of gameplay.

Director of Lionhead Peter Molyneux quoted at E3 that “They love the Kinect and it is a wonderful piece of equipment to work with.” This may be true, however what was the point of re-creating the franchise for it? Molyneux then added, “This game isn’t part of  Fable 1,2,3 and 4, it’s a spin off. Fable 1,2,3 and 4 is all to do with a bloodline whilst this is an entirely different story.”

So, what he has said that this game is just a spin off, something that can be discarded from the series and can be easily forgotten (if it’s that bad.)

On a plus side however, the gameplay does feature much smoother movements in NPC’s, creatures and camera panning. It also has better rendered graphics and a somewhat slower combat pace compared to the others’ cartoonish recoils. And we’ve now discovered that Lionhead is also planning, or working, on a Fable 4, so that is something to look foreward to once The Journey storm passes.

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