The Legacy Vault Has Been Opened

From left to right:  Scuba Gragas, Unmasked Kayle,   Safari Caitlyn, Angler Jax, and Feral Warwick

From left to right: Scuba Gragas, Unmasked Kayle, Safari Caitlyn, Angler Jax, and Feral Warwick

It seems that in their holiday cheer Riot’s heart grew two sizes on the 18th of December because that day Riot re-opened the legacy vault and left 42 of their previously retired skins out to breathe. And now you can have them, too; what’s that, that’s a lot of money, well no worries because Riot understands that and has thus lowered all of these 42 skins by a whopping 50% meaning that most of the skins will be between two and five dollars. In this set are also a few legendary skins such as Alien Invader Heimerdinger and Mr. Mundoverse who will be reduced to $9 from their usual $18. The price jack unlike the skins I previously mentioned is because these particular skins change the characters speech and actions along with their appearance. To name a few on the list that will be released there’s:

Yellow Jacket ShenYellow Jacket Shen

The Magnificent Twisted Fate (legendary)The Magnificent Twisted Fate

Crimson AkaliCrimson Akali

Phantom KarthusPhantom Karthus

Spectacular SivirSpectacular Sivir

Unmasked KayleUnmasked Kayle

And below I will include the full list of skins released, keep in mind that not every champion will be having a skin returned, unfortunately. But the legacy vault has been opened, and once it closes it will not open again for a very long time, so get these skins while they’re hot, but keep in mind they will only be available until January 6th and will be able to be sent to friends like all other skins until the 26th of December, so get them while they’re here because this deal will end very, very soon. Below is the full list of champion skins released, happy hunting Summoners:

Alien Invader Heimerdinger

Angler Jax

Annie In Wonderland

Badger Teemo

Blacksmith Poppy

Butcher Urgot

Crimson Akali

Desert Trooper Garen

Dragon Knight Mordekaiser

Emerald Taric

Feral Warwick

Firefighter Tristana

Frozen Shen

Hextech Sion

Highland Tryndamere

Kingpin Twitch

Leopard Nidalee

Masquerade Evelynn

Matador Alistar

Mr. Mundoverse

Nightmare Cho’Gath

Nottingham Ezreal

Noxus Poppy

Phantom Karthus

Pharaoh Amumu

Professor Ryze

Red Baron Corki

Red Riding Annie

Safari Caitlyn

Sasquatch Nunu

Scuba Gragas

Shamrock Malphite

Sonoran Kog’Maw

Spectacular Sivir

Swamp Master Kennen

The Magnificent Twisted Fate

Time Machine Zilean

Toxic Dr. Mundo

Unmasked Kayle

Vizier Malzahar

Workshop Shaco

Yellow Jacket Shen

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