The Snowdown Showdown is Back…With a Vengeance!

The Snowdown Showdown is Back…With a Vengeance!

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     Our friends over at Riot are celebrating the holiday season full swing and they want to share it with us, the players. So, to celebrate, they’ve released quite a few goodies.

First off, of course, Riot has released yet another set of holiday exclusive skins players can buy. These include:

Slay Belle KatarinaSlay-Bell Katarina

Bad Santa VeigarBad Santa Veigar

Dark Candy FiddlesticksDark Candy Fiddles

Snowday ZiggsSnowday Ziggs

This Snowdown Showdown is special, however, because Riot has decided to re-release, for a limited time, the holiday skins from last year, so pick them up while you can because these skins will most likely not be made available again, these are:

Festive MaokaiFestive Maokai

Mistletoe LeBlancMistletoe LeBlanc


Toy Soldier GangplankToy Soldier Gangplank

In addition, Summoners can score special holiday-related icons to spruce up their profile with, though, unfortunately, most of them involve spending Riot Points, a.k.a. real money, by sending champions or skins to your friends in the holiday spirit. This isn’t so bad if none of your friends own less costly champions like Soraka or Garen who go for a cool $2.50, but higher cost champions such as the recently released Nami and just released Vi go for as high as $10. This is also the asking price for most skins, making the number of people who will be sending their friends a non-physical present, probably pretty scant seeing as skins run even higher than champions, the lowest costing around $3-$5, a pretty high asking price just to re-write some color data, especially for a massive conglomerate like Riot who, as we know, scored 2nd in overall best MMO and had no trouble amassing 3 million plus people per day watching the League of Legends world tournament each day with a grand prize of $1 million, PLUS having enough money to run a legit commercial in Korea, but I suppose I can’t complain too much because they’ve got to get their money somehow and have to this date still managed to keep League of Legends, thankfully, completely free.

From top to bottom, then left to right: Urf Reindeer, Shopkeeper, Stocking Blades, Trimmed Turret, Doran's Wreath, and Holiday Nashor.

From top to bottom, then left to right: Urf Reindeer, Shopkeeper, Stocking Blades, Trimmed Turret, Doran’s Wreath, and Holiday Nashor.

Now, the icons themselves are: Doran’s Wreath which is obtained simply by participating in a 5v5, a.k.a. the normal format for League of Legends common and tournament play; Stocking Blades which requires you to buy Riot Points as a gift for a friend (you could just buy them one or two dollars’ worth of Riot Points and get this); Trimmed Turret which requires you to buy a champion for a friend; Reindeer Urf which requires you to buy a skin for a friend (imagine a manatee with a Rudolph nose and that’s what this icon looks like); Holiday Nashor which requires you to be nice during the Snowdown Showdown (?), I guess they calculate this by seeing whether you curse out your fellow teammates and don’t get reported on a regular basis, this icon is basically a profile of Baron Nashor with a santa hat; and Shopkeeper which is unlocked by, from my understanding, unlocking the rest of the aforementioned icons which sounds a little insane to me because you’re essentially spending (at the least) about $5 or $6 on an icon, granted, you get the rest, but still, it’s a little unimpressive considering what you have to do to obtain it, it’s just a bust (not boobies, sorry) of the shopkeeper looking particularly holiday oriented, that’s about. It make more sense to me if they switched the requirements for the Urf icon with this icon as Urf has quite a rambunctious history with League of Legends players and has become quite a mascot and an icon in and of himself.

So that’s this year’s Snowdown Showdown and we here at Games-Tec wish you all, our readers and supporters, a very happy holiday and Winter break. We hope you keep on gaming in through the New Year, wherever you may be, and we promise that we will continue writing the very best articles we can to keep you, the fans, updated and on top with the best game news, the best articles, the best reviews, and, of course, the best writing we have to offer. Happy holidays and breaks all and we’ll see you in the New Year!

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