Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera has 36 fixed-focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera modules that are mounted within the padded ball-shaped enclosure.  The Panoramic Ball is equipped with its own accelerometer which is used to measure the launch acceleration. This is important because when you throw the Panoramic Ball into the air, at the moment it reaches its peak height, it will trigger all 36 cameras to snap a photo simultaneously!

All the pictures can then be downloaded within seconds via USB and the software, included with the Panoramic Ball, the software combines all the photos into one spherical panoramic representation of the captured environment! The user can then explore the environment, by either zooming in or out, looking above or below, or just spinning left or right.  And because the Panoramic Ball takes the image while in mid-air, users can explore the environment and find things they would not normally have been able to view from an eye-level perspective.

The possibilities for this kind of technology are amazing, and allow for whole new kind of experience to be shared.  And as a nerd and artist, I love it when art combines with engineering to create something that can make artistic viewing more interactive. Two thumbs up for the Panoramic Ball!

Please Visit The Panoramic Ball Website:  Here



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