Times are a Changin’…and so are the Prices

These are the seven "oldest" 6,300 IP champions having their prices reduced to 4,800 IP, from left to right: Ezreal, Vladimir, Renekton, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Brand and Vayne.

These are the seven “oldest” 6,300 IP champions having their prices reduced to 4,800 IP, from left to right: Ezreal, Vladimir, Renekton, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Brand and Vayne.

It seems the Riot team have been listening to us because they’re finally responding to our whining about their outrageous pricing of champions—and now they’re doing something about it. As of December 20th the prices on seven champions now and many more to follow will be lowered as well as the times of the releases of champions changed. First, the seven oldest 6,300 Influence Points champions (though Cassiopeia should be included on that list): Ezreal, Vladimir, Renekton, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Brand and Vayne will be lowered from 6,300 IP to 4,800 IP; yay, we don’t have to hurt so much to buy more champions. However, with newer champions this isn’t so much the story, with the newest champions Riot will be charging 7,800 IP for the first week of the champion’s release, then changing it back to the norm of 6,300 IP after the first week has ended. They say it’s to “partially offset lower overall prices,” but this makes no sense to me, if the champion were 7,800 IP for ONLY the first week, then wouldn’t everyone just wait until week two of the champion’s release to buy him/her/it? Additionally, in Riot’s past the newest champions released are often free the week of, if not the week or two weeks following, the champion’s initial release, so again, why pay 7,800 IP? This still makes no sense to me, but moving on. In addition to the random one week price rise as well as the price fall of the seven aforementioned champions, Riot will be lowering the price of one champion who is currently 6,300 IP down to 4,800 IP, but with every third champion release they will be lowering one champion who is currently 4,800 IP or lower to one price range lower than its current price, so 4,800 IP to 3,150 IP for example. But this last part ONLY applies to every third release of a new champion, so looking at Riot’s new time chart, about every three months or so. Lastly, Riot will be balancing out the IP to RP (Riot Points) ratio, finally. Previously, a 4,800 IP champion would have the same cost (975 RP, about $10) as a 6,300 IP champion, this has been fixed and 4,800 IP champions now cost 880 RP (about $9), not MUCH of a drop, but it’s an improvement.

Now, onto the change in champion release times; apparently, Riot has noticed that not everyone can afford to pay $10 or 6,300 IP when a new champion comes out, which, as of recently, has been very often. Let me take you on a quick champion release timeline from July of this year: in July Jayce and Zyra were released almost side-by-side, the 6th and the 18th, respectively; in August Diana and Rengar weren’t given much more space on their releases, being the 2nd and the 14th, respectively; in September Syndra was released on the 12th with a slight buffer before Kha’Zix’s release on the 26th; October and November were surprisingly dead, each only containing one new champion release: Elise in October on the 24th and Zed in November on the 12th; then in December we jump right back into it, worse than before with Nami being released on the 3rd and Vi being released on the 13th. I think you see the problem here, there’s no breathing room! So Riot plans on changing this by releasing only 14-17 new champions in the year of 2013 which amounts to only one about every 3-4 weeks, a much needed break for us Summoners experiencing champion whiplash. This to my knowledge takes place immediately, so get ready for some changes, hopefully some good ones: lower prices and less whiplash.

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