Tomb Raider Review

Well its been a good time coming but Lara Croft is finally back. With Square Enix producing this reboot it comes out strong as one of this year’s best games so far. The story of the game follows an intelligent, almost innocent, Lara in the search for a lost city. Along the way the ship is capsized with Lara lost on a mysterious island. With her is a small expedition made of different backgrounds. The crew is lost as well however, and so Lara makes her mission to find her way off the forsaken island. The story from then on is a bit predictable but good, and it serves justice into giving lara the prequel to a story she deserves.


The gameplay in some ways feels very remnant of the Uncharted series(though as we all know tomb raider came out before Uncharted). This game takes some similar steps and scenes but doesnt fail to put its own style to it. The game itself is very much more of a light survival game. The game itself never plays itself out to the point where you HAVE to shoot animals for food to survive, but instead you’ll be fighting and killing animals for EXP points. These points can then be used to gain new skills such as bow mastering, or by using them to upgrade your weapons so that theyre more responsive and generally give more damage.

In the game there are also optional tombs. These are very much what will be buying your time after the story’s main missions(Assuming you play straight through them). The tombs have a good amount of extra puzzle solving and prove themselves as a challenging, yet worthy excursion outside the main games story. The environment of these tombs often feel just as big as the story. Speaking of which, the game as a whole has a beautiful environment, while not as lush looking as Far Cry 3′s, the island very much feels real and without much human interaction. There are panoramic moments when you look out of all before you and can only marvel at how beautiful the setting really is. These settings change of course as you move on, but each place on the island looks just as good as the last.


The only thing about Tomb Raider that comes as somewhat of a loss is its characters. Besides Laura herself, the characters in the game are, well, kind of assholes. Most of the time you’ll be stranded from them and attempt to get back to them. When you do you’re usually the one being sent to do all the dangerous stuff on your own. I can see that maybe having to play as just Lara alone without any companions can give us more insight to her character but when you are the one being sent to go into uncharted territory by yourself while the rest of the group sits back and “keeps watch” is sort of a pain. We all know how awesome Lara Croft is, we’ve seen it before. But why do they rely on her so much? Why is it always her that has to do the dirty work? It may not sound like much but this was a general annoyance for me.

Tomb Raider however is a great game nonetheless. With its great pacing, action, and relatively solid story, this game has come to be one of my favorites of the year.

Final Score: 9.4/10

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