Unwrapping Uncertainty…The Playstation 4

It’s getting to that time again. News of new consoles debuting are sending out rumors of this and that like wildfire. With all of the speculations out there who really knows what’s going on? Looking for news of actual factual information is getting hard now when it comes to the next Xbox or Playstation 4. However this is to be expected since neither have been officially announced. However this brings me to a recent event that’s been kind of bugging me since its been announced. Mostly because I don’t want to give my hopes up.

This event is tied to the upcoming live conference by Sony next Wednesday on the 20th. A lot of people claim that this event will be the debut of the new PS4 or Orbis as some people are calling it. The only thing is I’m trying to figure out why they would want to debut this new hardware so early. Yeah, it’s true Sony got a bit behind with their launch of the Playstation 3 due to their late revealing but wouldn’t it get more publicity at E3? Just a few weeks ago in a section of The Times Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai announced that Sony will “let Microsoft make the first move.” Is he now going back on his word? I should hope not. As much as I would LOVE to see a Playstation 4 real soon I would also like to think that Sony has some self-restraint. Not that I feel it really hurts if they do announce it. Heck I know I’ll be extremely happy when they do but like the shot fired around the world, once it has been fired another console war will start to begin.


So to conclude, I’ve never been so torn up about something in my life. Like the kid before Christmas you know what you want. But there’s that wrapper all wrapped around the big present. You wait and you wait until the promised day until you finally are able to take the wrapper off and glance inside. What comes next can go either two ways. One: We get what we want by luck that our parents (Sony) have been paying attention to us  by getting a shiny new bike (Playstation 4). Or two: We get a stick of bubble gum and some clothes (better version of the Playstation Store). I hope for the first.

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