Update: Xbox 720

The Rumour that started last month surrounding the Xbox 720 and its “attitude” towards used games has been addressed by Game designer Jameson Durall, maker of games such as Red Fraction: Armageddon and Saints row 3 has expressed his opinion on how this would benefit the Gaming community in the long run.

He admits that though the Gaming community would be up in arms in the short term, but people over time would come to see why companies want to do it, and become more inclined to agree with it.

He also states it wouldn’t be too hard for Microsoft to put this in place because it would be similar to their current Code system for to tie a online game to a Xbox live account and instead make it so a code for a game is registered to a single console ID.

 “Ideally it would tie a full version to the console it is registered on so family members can play even if the main account isn’t signed in, but this is exactly how their model works now anyway.”

Another suggestion he has is that because of this Microsoft may make it so games will have to be rented for a certain amount of days for a cost if the game is pre-owned or borrowed.

To see the rest of his blog post go here:


As said before, If this where to be implemented this could mean the end of some rental companies such as Lovefilm or Netflix, and maybe even stores such as Game or GameStop, which could have a reversing effect on the gaming community. However this may just be the point in which we make the transition from physical copies of games to digital ones. However we won’t know anything until the Xbox 720 is made public.



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