Victory for Battle Nations

Battle who?

If you like strategy games or just like having complete rule over your friends, then Battle Nations is for you! Battle Nations, created by Z2Live, Inc. is a turn based strategy game for the IPhone/IPad where you build and command your armies, to crush your friends online. You begin the game with a small base, and as you collect resources and expand your land. You will be able to build better buildings, which in turn lets unlock new and better units. As you build and mass your units, you can take the fight to your friends online, where you will either dominate the battle field or go home, shell shocked and bloodied. Not to worry though, if you’re having trouble beating your friends on the battle field, you can complete missions in the campaign. While on missions, you will be tasked with building resources, defeating enemy units within the game, and conquering enemy bosses. Completing missions is a great idea because here, you will earn the most money and resources and you can build better units. You can also battle for resources online with your friends, if you win enough matches against them you will be rewarded nicely.

Why Battle Nations?

Battle Nations is both fun and addictive creating a cool interactive environment to rule over your nation. When you start the game you will have to go through a short, but helpful tutorial on how to play the game. Then from that point on it’s a race for resources and experience points to level up in order to get the edge over your friends. Building farms, tool shops, and bakeries well get you money and experience. With money and experience, you will be able to build new buildings such as a logging camp or oil refinery which allow to then finally create units! This makes Battle Nations very addictive while you manage your nation’s progress and your units. You will constantly be checking on your units and manage what building is building what in your nation. As you begin to start rolling in some troopers (the first unit you get in the game), you can go on missions against your foes within the campaign.  In a turn based battlefield, you and your foe will trade blow for blow until one side either retreats or has lost all its units. After winning each mission, you will be compensated with a nice reward, which will help you expand in your game. As your nation grows and your army increases, you can take the fight online against your friends, where you will fight for resources and bragging rights. While this strategy game is unlike any other, it is easy to get into and user friendly.  One advantage of the game is that you never have to worry about going up against people who are at a higher level then you within the game. When you go online, you are automatically matched up with someone close to your level, which makes for competitive, but fair gaming. In other words if you’re a level 10, you won’t be going up against the guy who’s level 30.

Pros and Cons


  • Great game for anyone who plays strategy games, or loves competing against their friends online.
  • On the go gamers will be addicted to this fun, competitive strategy game exclusively for the iPhone and other apple products.
  • Offers a large variety in units and buildings, you won’t get every unit quickly. However this is a good thing because it will keep you interested in the game.
  • The game has a very long campaign, not to mention you can always fight against your friends. So you will always have something to do in the game.
  • Z2Live, Inc. annually updates the game with new building and units, so you will always have a new threat on the battle field.
  • Each unit in the game has its pros, cons, and special abilities, making each unit unique/valuable in its own way.


  • My only real problem with the game is the amount of time it takes to build some buildings. The game uses real time so there will be some waiting involved when building new expanding your nation.

My Battle Field experience with Battle Nations

I honestly love this game and every time I pick up my phone, I’m checking on my nation. This game will constantly keep you involved with defending your nation from enemies to trying to build that new battle tank so you can beat your friends. This game never gets old and if you’re a strategy gamer like me you will feel right at home with battle nations.  

Also, if I get enough likes on this post I will be submitting tips and tricks for this game every week!

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