What Should I Download? – Top 10 Kerbal Space Program Mods

It has been a busy time for Kerbal Space Program over the past year. Bigger and better updates are being churned out a lot faster and all new features are being added. Many people are starting to take interest in this budding game, and it is easy to see why.

However there comes a time where you, the player, want more. You’ve successfully managed to land a rocket on the Mun, but you dream of practical bases, mining facilities, or simply bigger and better parts for your rocket. But then you see the Kerbal Spaceport page and realise there are hundreds of mods to choose from. What to get? Well, look no further as I will countdown my own reviews on the top 10 Kerbal Space Program mods!

#10 – KSPX Parts Expansion mod

This is a simple mod that just gives you a lot more parts for your rockets. The creator of the mod is now a part of the Squad team, so this mod may one day become part of the stock parts. The parts you get even look as if they’re stock, so don’t worry if you think that your nice looking rocket may be spoiled by some cheap block-coloured tank. Some of the parts are very handy, such as the side liquid and oxidizer tanks which are good for landers and probes.

#9 – Chatterer mod

So you’ve constructed a space station and you’ve got half a dozen kerbals resting inside of it. But you feel that something seems off. Kerbals are social little creatures and you want to hear Jebediah talk to Bill, or back to mission control, but you cannot hear anything. Well, this mod gives you two simple walkie-talkie looking parts that enable the Chatterer mod. Every now and again you will hear short sentences of gibberish going back and forth on your spaceship, it’s a small and sweet mod, but it gives you some realism…and that’s good!

#8 – Subassembly Loader mod

You might know that feeling when you have to red0 your nicely tuned asparagus launcher layout again for a similar spacecraft, and it is a long and tedious process. The Subassembly Loader mod simply does what it says on the tin. After you’ve made a part of a rocket, you can drag its ghost up to a special jigsaw button at the top right corner, there you can save it and reload that part for future rockets! So no more trying to endlessly try and attach struts or winglets to your rocket.

#7 – Crew Manifest Mod

On the launch pad you’re ready to go, you see that your three brave kerbals are starting to panic, and you wonder why. Then you see that they’re not Jebediah, Bill or Bob, but instead some random bunch of ‘rookie’ kerbals. You don’t want that, you want someone with more courage and more dignity. So instead with this mod, you can create your own kerbal! It could be Larry, Steve or even Harry Kerman who will be the first ones to a new world, kerbals who are totally badass (yes there is a badass button!) and have zero stupidity! Also this mod allows you to easily transfer kerbals from one place of a ship to another without the annoying EVA moving.

#6 – Quantum Struts

Quantum Struts has to be one of the best mods I’ve tried out. Mainly because I love building large structures and ships in orbit, and if they move without the mod, they’ll no doubt wobble all over the place. What Quantum Struts does is that it is designed to activate a ‘quantum connection’ between two parts of a ship, or a docking node for extra strength. So no more wobbling around in space!

#5 – H.O.M.E. base mission pack

You’ve successfully landed on the Mun, and now you feel that you can start up a small colony there. But the stock parts aren’t very ‘basey’. The H.O.M.E. pack gives you four designated modules for a base; the habitat module (with inflatable living areas), the power module, the recon module (with garage) and the administrative module. This mod is probably the best you’re going to get for a moonbase. However it is rather buggy. Some of the modules (such as the power station) don’t work properly, but nevertheless, they are very well made, sleek and compact for any planet surface! (Except for Jool, you can’t land there.)

My permanent base on Laythe uses the H.O.M.E. and Mechjeb mods

My permanent base on Laythe uses the H.O.M.E. and Mechjeb mods

#4 – Mechjeb

Jebediah Kerman is widely known to be the best kerbonaut, and the best pilot. But it’s tough to fly a rocket if he’s orbiting another planet, far from the space centre. So instead, this mod takes over for him! Essentially it is an ‘autopilot’ mod for those who find navigating rockets a bit too tricky. I get that sometimes, especially with my huge rockets, but it is also handy for Mun landings, precise orbits, and as a better stabiliser over the ususal SAS module. If there is a job that you cannot handle, Mechjeb is there to help!

#3 – Novapunch mod

With the stock parts, the biggest parts you can get are the long two meter or so wide fuel tanks. They’re big…ish, but nothing can compare to the immense five meter wide tanks that you can get with the Novapunch mod! This mod also gives you a lot more parts as well as some special parts such as the Gemini cockpit. However when it comes to quality, it is lying somewhere in the mediocre. It isn’t beautiful, but it is definitely handy if you’re trying to get some heavy stuff into orbit!

#2 – KW Rocketry Pack

Again, just like the Novapunch mod, this mod gives you a lot more parts for your rockets. However unlike number 3, this mod is a lot more polished in terms of, well, pretty much everything. It looks good, sounds good and what you get with it is downright awesome! Its key feature has to be the fairings. (The tip of the rocket that separates into two or three…the ESA use them!) plus the pre-loaded rockets are pretty neat as well as they include famous designs such as the Falcon Heavy.

My 'base carrier' class ship uses almost all of the mods listed here! (Yes it is based off of the Messiah from Deep Impact.)

My ‘base carrier’ class ship uses almost all of the mods listed here! (Yes it is based off of the Messiah from Deep Impact.)

#1 – B9 Aerospace Pack

And finally at number one is the brilliantly made mod – the B9 Aerospace pack. Yes this mod is more aimed towards spaceplanes, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make rockets with awesome looking cockpits or use a six seated crew body. This mod surpasses even the stock parts in aesthetics and design. If you really want, you can recreate designs such as the shuttle from Avatar (although my attempt failed) or make up something completely new!  If you want to make a nice looking rocket, or plane, this mod is for you! The parts are nice to look at, practical-ish, and if you make the wings big enough, even flyable!

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