When does big Become Too Big: Samsung Reveals 110 Inch 4k TV

At CES, Samsung has showed how they can make a good looking TV.  The thing that they didn’t happen to mention, but simply showed off, was just how massive this TV is.  110 inches dwarfs any other TV on the market with the exception of projection screen which really aren’t TV’s at all.  The TV is considered as an ultra-HD TV, and from the videos that I’ve seen, the quality looks fantastic.  Granted the TV is hard to judge from a video but still, Samsung must be able to create good quality if they’re going to make a TV that large.

One of the nicest things about these TV’s is not the actual size, rather that their size allows them to have an awesome set of speakers which is something that the majority of TV’s have a problem with today.  With their massive size they can have larger speakers which can house better quality units and it also helps them project sound better.


One final note is how these TV’s are held up in place.  Samsung has created something to hold them, and I’m not quite sure what to call them, but it holds the TV up in a mount that makes the TV have a floating appearance.  Its like hanging your TV on the wall but not having to go through all the labor to put it up there.

Finally we can talk about price.  With no set release date for these monster TV’s, there hasn’t been a p[rice set for them yet either.  However, with the high quality of the TV and speaker system along with the size, there are early estimates by technology experts of the TV’s costing over $20,000.  Quite a bit of money to spend on a TV.

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