Why I’m not excited for the next generation of consoles.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony over the next wave of consoles and how they will affect our daily lives and how they will be different from what we know as the consoles of today.  The one thing is, I am not hoping for these to come out anytime soon.  There are just too many issues that I have with the idea of the next generation of consoles.  The main one is going to be the issue of money, which i can get into later.  The other issue is the probable great change that the consoles will bring to the way we game and will most likely change people’s lifestyle because of it.

What will come next?

Ok, so the idea of money is definitely a problem when it comes to the next generation of consoles.  I can remember when I was still playing the original Xbox and the original Xbox games were so cheap.  Many of them were under $50 and made it easy for people, including myself, to have a vast library of games.  Then came the Xbox 360.  Not only was the console very expensive when it first came out, it also brought with it a standard game price of $60.  The price just kills how many games a person can play.  With the development of new consoles, I am sure that the price of a single game could shoot up to $70 to $80.  Coupled with the cost of a new console which could be in excess of $800 it seems almost unreasonable for most people to be able to afford the new consoles along with its games unless they have a high paying job or some other way of acquiring these new toys.

Could this be the next Xbox?

The other issue I have is how these new consoles will change the way we game.  Lets put it this way, I love using a controller to game and sit down and be lazy to play something.  With the next generation, I think we will see more consoles go the route of making everything so that there is no controller or have it based on the player moving as we have seen with the kinect, PSMove, and Wii.  But I think the next generation of consoles may do what people have been hoping for for many years and create an alternate reality sort of thing, or being able to change the way a player games by making him or her part of the game.  This could create problems.  What if people do not want to leave the world they game in, what if it causes people to be violent while in these contraptions?  Questions that have no answers.  We have already seen 3D without any glasses in the 3Ds and soon these next generation consoles will be much like this.

The high price tag and the changes in how we game scares the crap out of me.  How soon is it that only the rich and wealthy are the only ones who are able to afford and play these games? Who knows until we know more or developers show us more of what the new consoles will bring.

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