Why you don’t need Godlike Hardware to create a game!

Greetings Fellow Readers,

Once again I bring you a read that hopefully will be informative and helpful in more ways than one.

In this article I will explain why you don’t need super hardware to create content, mods, games or even films, and some tips, tricks and tools that may make your life whole lot easier. In the end, its all down to the idea, the idea is what counts, your imagination is much more powerful than any machine. In the modern day world, technology improves and evolves overtime, making some feel left out or powerless, and thinking they won’t be worth much if they can’t keep up with the modern day Hardware requirements or top range specs that much of today’s titles require.

This is where you are so wrong, hardware or a computer is just a tool, the tool is what makes all the flashy images and pictures you see when you watch any decent film or play any game. This is built up with the sheer determination to make something spectacular, teamwork, artwork itself from traditional to concept, even brainstorming as I have mentioned before, without these small minute details, the computer has nothing to go on, so therefore it can’t create it without the creator. My brain is what drives my pc; It’s behind the work. I myself have 2 computers and tablet, and you’re probably thinking: oh he must have 32 core processor 500Gb of ram 900Tb hard drive. Well, as much as I wish that was true, guess what… It’s not, in fact it’s far from that, to the point that I have as average hardware as your ever going to get. Probably the same as you or your next door neighbor, not bad, not good, just right.

I work on the principals if it supports what I use, what I need and can help me create it, I don’t care how long it takes. Basically, as long as it gets it done at some point in the distant future I’m fine with that. Now I know some of you are as impatient as they come, but in all views, increasing you hardware just makes things slightly faster and maybe unlock few extra bits and pieces your probably never get round to using at all. Take my setup for example, I have a 2.7 Ghz dual core Amd Athlon, 4 Gb ram and a 9800 Gt x graphics card. I also run 2 monitors, one being full hd and the other a standard 15 inch 1024x 768. So, nothing in the way of specialist hardware at all but it doesn’t stop me. I work around the limits, sometimes at a snails pace I will admit, but that doesn’t blunt my faith. finding tweaks, lowering settings, using less geometry is all that’s required to achieve the results you want. If you have great Idea but struggle with limits, find someone who can share the load of work, If you seriously can’t do it, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

So then,what are the best tools and methods to work with on low end systems? Tweaking simple settings such as: screen resolution, or working in windowed saves huge amounts of resources especially if you’re working in HD, rendering lower resolutions or lower polygon counts when exporting from program to engine. Using normal maps and bump to even out details but retaining performance, all means you don’t need huge amounts of power. In-fact, all you need is a bit of patience and time to get the required results but it’s worth it. However, make sure you have a lot of hard drive space, this will cost a little, but will be needed for rendering large files. always have minimum of 20gb free on your main drive. Having a  second drive to store files and / or an external hard-disk is also useful.

I will briefly describe a few tips and tools to clean out broken areas and errors of your system this often means using using program cleaners, such as built in ones, that come with Windows, Mac even Linux, that you can find under Accessories and system tools, now dedicated programs out there include things such as Reg cure (Registry cleaner), Auslogics Suite;..(Featuring real-time ram cleaning, emptying ram lockups, so will have more to play with in your current application, also includes a Professional Defragmenter, Junk sweeper, clone identifier and even Privacy removal and more in one small package), this helps repair your system, and fix fragmented files, clean junk you don’t need, thus freeing space, and general tidy up.

Always make sure you have a dedicated Anti-Virus and Firewall program to prevent malaware and viruses making pathways into your system that may steal data or of course slow you machine to halt, stopping your workflow or crashing it all together: Some recommended programs include: (Norton, Avira, Kaspersky, AVG, Zone-alarm, Bulldog, and more ), though this does depend on your preference. I personally use Avira, it’s fast, reliable and does not intensively steal my computer resources.

Hope this has give you some insight into the area of computer hardware and some small facts, remember computer is nothing without a creator, if you need more details of where to look, programs, assistance, understanding computer jargon or just place to start when proceeding into this industry, don’t hesitate to contact me:

([email protected])

Thank you for reading.

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