Will there ever be a Fallout 4?

This will be the first out of several posts where I will try to explain to those who are wondering what has happened to past successful game franchises. We all want to know what has happened with several game series such as Half-Life, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Homeworld, Jak and Daxter and even Fallout.

Now most of us know that there are currently two game franchises of which Bethesda own; one being The Elder Scrolls and the other, Fallout. Skyrim as we know, has been a major success across the globe. It has recieved great ratings and high praise by critics and gamers alike. However what has happened with the Fallout series?

Fallout 4Now I know that games companies are not magicians, they do not simply create games by the click of their fingers, but surely they could have started to come up with some good ideas for a fifth installment of the Fallout series. (New Vegas was the fourth installment.) Where is Fallout 4? Is there any news of development? We don’t know for sure but some developers did say that they are ‘looking into it.’ (That ol’ cliche.)

Developer Jason Bergan did comment however that the next Fallout game may take place back in the Mojave Wasteland. At least that’s something right?

Well after the somewhat declined critical response with New Vegas compared to Fallout 3, it may be the beginning of the slow end of the series, (just like what happened with Guitar Hero after GH3.) But lets just hope that doesn’t happen.

It should not happen either as Fallout is based entirely on the GURPS system or (Generic Univeral Role Playing System) which allows the player (if it were a pen and paper based game) to think of any scenario they see fit. This therefore should allow the developers to get plenty of ideas and stories to choose from and work from there. Out of the series, three games out of four (Including New Vegas) have been set on the west coast of the USA whilst Fallout 3 was set in the Capital Wasteland. What if Fallout 4 was to be set in an entirely new location? Texas? Florida? Illonois?  They have an entire country larger than western Europe to choose from, so the franchise should be far from over, let alone repetitive.

We cannot tell if there will be a sequal for certain, but we can always keep on checking and hoping for one. Lets keep our fingers crossed for now.

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