Windows 8 Review From the Average User

Let me start by stating that I am not the most technologically sound person here on Game-tec, that would most likely go to the creator of the site, James Harding, but anyways, I use my computers for the general web browsing, schoolwork and some gaming, but not anything too extreme.  So without further adieu, here is my average user review of windows 8.

Lets start with the obvious, how is Windows 8 different than it’s predessessor, Windows 7.  Well lets put it this way, its a combination of the windows 7 platform with that of the mobile platforms of windows phones as well as that of the Xbox live dashboard.  What we get is a a platform that works for those who are either used to it, have a touchscreen, or simply just disable or don’t use any of the Metro features.

Metro was the biggest part of the new Windows 8 and to be honest was something that really doesn’t add too much in the way of something that was needed and rather it seems like a feature only really necessary for those of us who have the newest tablets or touch screen monitors.  it works alright on a non-touchscreen computer but only really with a mouse.  my touch-pad was not the best for it because of the slide off of the touch-pad will bring up a menu and get you away from what you are doing.

The nice feature about Metro is that it allows you to organize it however which way that you want.  You can change the apps that show up under Metro, the color, and the size of all of the apps and whatnot.  Metro also is nice in that it allows you to download any app or game from the metro store and add it to the Metro screen which allows for even more customization.  It’s a few little nice things when it comes to Metro but nothing really substantial enough on it’s own.  I feel like metro could have been released in a large update for Windows but we all know that Microsoft would never allow for an update that would change so much on an operating system without making user pay out the nose for it (unless they go the piracy route).


Other than Metro, the biggest thing that was included within the Windows 8 operating system is the full inclusion of Windows Defended which now includes all the anti-virus protection you need.  No need to go out and get something else as the adware, malware, spyware, and virus protection have all been combined into one useful program.  It really takes the need for spending money on a different virus completely different program out of the equation again.


When it comes down to whether or not that Windows 8 is a good operating system or not, I think comes down to a lot of the small things that are within the system, not the larger ones such as Metro.  Some things that work really well for the system that are smaller features are things as simple as the search.  Now with just a press of a button it automatically goes to the search function and then once you have begun a search, organizes it much nicer and neater than the search function from Windows 7.  However, there are many of these small neat little features that are strewn about in Windows 8 and I cannot go through them all.

However, I do recommend that if you get it, take some time and just go up and down through the menu’s and see what you can find as something that is interesting and let me and anyone else know about it in the comments down below.

Overall Windows 8 is something that I cannot really give a rating to.  It just isn’t different enough from either the mobile versions of Windows for phones and that of Windows 7.  It really is something of a crossbreed between the two.  But if I have to rate it as it’s own individual platform I would give it a 65/100 for creating a  new operating system with new components but nothing to extremely groundbreaking.

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