World of Tanks Competition Teaser

Greetings one and all to this exciting announcement!

Do you like blowing things up? Do you like ramming into people? Or do you just simply like hiding in the bushes and sniping from afar?

Well we have planned a future competition for you fellow tankers out there!

To those of you who play World of Tanks, or to those who don’t, I am developing a competition that will determine the best of the best. If you haven’t played the game before but are interested in the competition, I would advise you to sign up and gain as many tiers as possible to make this interesting. (Because do we all really want to see or play in a load of tier 1 tanks?)

The competition is easy, straightforward and very challenging but there will be prizes for those of you who come out first and second!

The layout is simple. A number of people start on the first game and depending on how many participate (lets say 20), the first 4 people to be killed are knocked out of the competition completely. I will note down who has lost to make sure that no one cheats. (And those who do, I will personally kick them from the game by killing them…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

This process will continue through a number of games, each on randomized maps, all the way until there is only two people left in a 1v1 to determine the winner. Therefore for all the new people, it is advised that you gain as much credits and xp as possible to buy better tanks, otherwise it’ll be a very short competition for you.

You can use teamwork, and I will advise it aswell as it is the key for your survival and victory. NO ONE should go out alone. If you are scouting, be aware of your vulnerability. Not many tanks are fast.

To make this a fair competition, I will host each game on a ‘Team Training’ map mode where it will be invites only. There are 30 spaces available, although to make things fair, I as well as another ‘Moderator’ (as it were) WILL BE IN THE GAME. One Moderator will be on each team but they will not attack or gain any advantage to the opposing team. They are there to witness and judge on player performance and to make sure that no one is camping or cheating.

To determine the balance of the games, the most players with the same tier tank will set the benchmark of the battle. E.g. If there are 30 people playing and 15 of them are using tier 3 tanks, the benchmark will be set to tier 3. (Except moderators who can be any tank as long as they do not use this to their advantage.) This therefore means that no one can exceed that tier, but people can go below it. (Although it is at your own risk.)

You can use any type of tank from any nation. SPG’s are the only tank that can ‘camp’ whilst TD’s must be supportive or defensive to their team members. Once the required number of people have been knocked out, the game will continue until a total victory has been won. This can be achieved by killing all enemies or capturing their base. HOWEVER this does not change anything.

As I said I will be moderating the games, alongside someone else. (Whoever it may be.) Despite the tier of the game, I will be in a Tier 7 Tiger Tank. This is so that I am easily spotted from both teams, as well as repelling any shots that may have deflected onto me. If anyone intentionally attacks or kills a moderator (That being of serious damage) will automatically forfeit. If it was accidental, they will be issued a warning, but a second time will result of a forfeit. Because I will be in a higher tier tank, this should be very uncommon in a low-tier game. Also bear in mind that I will not shoot anyone for the teams advantage, nor will I help capture the enemy base.

The date of this competition as well as the available prizes are still being decided, but the competition should be in the near future. I will notify of when it will be, alongside a shorter version of the rules and regulations in the near future.

To participate, add your World of Tanks username in the forums page and I will invite you onto the lobby on the day.


Just a few tips for those who are new to the game and are interested:

- Each nation (France, USSR, USA and Germany) has their own advantages and disadvantages.

- Lower tier French tanks are s***! Do not use these unless you are experienced with the game or like slow-moving, light hitting tanks.

- Press the shift key when in an SPG (Artillery) to go into top-down mode

- Always, ALWAYS hide in cover! Whether it be a hill, building or another tank.

- Bushes give you a cammo advantage. Sit still and don’t fire and you should remain invisible.

- Scout tanks are fast vehicles that are the eyes and ears of the team. Use them if possible, although it brings a huge risk to the playing scout.

- German tanks are good sniping tanks (good guns), Russian tanks are good brawler tanks (mix of good armour and guns), American and French tanks have good armour.

- Tank Destroyers or TD’s do not have turrets (unless you are playing in an American TD)

- TD’s are blue, SPG’s are orange and normal tanks are white.

- When in the open, DO NOT STOP!

- zigzagging is the key to avoid enemy shells.

- HE rounds are good at killing tanks with open cabins!


Have fun!


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