World of Tanks. The best freemium online game to-date?

Now, I’m no stranger when it comes to MMO’s, I’ve played Runescape, Ogame, Team Fortress 2 and even World of Warcraft (I played that for one day, and I found it incredibly boring…) But after my friend showed me World of Tanks, I knew that this game was much more advanced than the average rough quality, dodgey layout of an MMO. (No offence WoW players)

What makes WoT so special?

World of Tanks is one of Europe’s fastest growing online games created by the Russian games company known as It’s never ending online battle is growing so fast in fact that the Americans are joining the fray.

Being released in late 2008, WoT made a head start in terms of graphics, unique gameplay and user friendliness compared to older MMO’s despite their own improvements. The game has extremely high quality graphics and scenery rendering, let alone for a game that is FREE to play. The choices of tanks you can use also come in a wide variety. The four main countries; Germany, France, USA and Russia, all have their own unique tanks, ranging from light tier II scout runners to heavy tier X juggernauts.

World of Tanks

The primary setting of World of Tanks is around the Second World War. This gives the player a taster for what it could have been like during wartime Europe during the early 40′s. However the tanks age range vary between the early 1930′s to the 1950′s, thus giving each tank their own strengths and weaknesses.

There are three types of tank in this game; Battle Tank, Tank Destroyer and Artillery/SPG. Each type gives the player a different gameplay style. In a battle tank, your role is either scouting for the enemy, provide support and capture the enemy base. In a tank destroyer, you are more of a sniper. With a heavier fixed forward gun, you can easily finish off any enemy from afar if you play your cards right and find a good vantage point. As an SPG (or Self Propelled Gun) your task is to hide and provide support to the team. In other words, you can fire once and destroy an enemy target in a matter of seconds into the game once the scouting tank has verified their position.

Because World of Tanks is a team-based battle game, it holds similar characteristics compared to CoD or Battlefield or Halo. However once you’ve been killed, you DO NOT respawn. At first, I found this a nuisance in the ealry games when I was in a lower tier tank. However it does make sense, as it is a game about chance, patience and strategy.

The maps used on the game are also well made. Having a unique 40′s wartime feel, each map is unique in their layout and terrain. Each team starts at opposite ends of each map and both will try to either kill offthe enemy team or capture their base before the team can react.

I have been playing this game since last August and since then, I’ve bought a tier VI German Medium tank called the VK3601H, and I am determined on unlocking the Tiger heavy tank, it’s that addictive.


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