World of Warplanes: An alternative to FLIGHT?

A lower tier bi-plane takes on a mid-tier attack bomber

In recent times, people have talking a lot about WoW in the World of Tanks Forums. Except this WoW isn’t to do with World of Warcraft nor it’s somewhat ‘Kung Fu Panda’ lookalike expansion. What these people are talking about is Wargaming’s brand-new upcoming freemium game called World of Warplanes.

So what is World of Warplanes exactly? Well, if you have ever played on any of the Combat Flight Simulator games, it’s basically that, but better. The gameplay consists of World War II dogfighting against other players in a match until one of the team’s aircraft has been shot down or the enemy’s ground targets have been destroyed. (Which is the alternative to World of Tank’s capture the flag.) Again just like World of Tanks, World of Warplanes features aircraft from three starting countries being the USA, Germany and Russia. However Wargaming did announce that they will also shortly add British and Japanese aircraft into the fray.

Another recurring feature is the ten tiers in each research tree. Just like its tank counterpart, World of Warplanes will allow ech player to start with a tier I plane from each country. But the planes are not what you might think. You see in the game, the lower tier planes are mostly biplanes from the post-World War I era, then you will gradually work your way up to the tier X (ten) planes that are the early jet fighters of the late 40′s and early 50′s. What about the famous planes from World War II such as the Spitfire or the BF109E? Well, they are currently sitting on the tier VI mark, therefore you will most likely to grind your way to get it.

On the plus side however, This game will require much less power and performance compared to Microsoft’s FLIGHT, and whats more, you get to fight against other people instead of casually flying beside them. The damage detail on the planes is spectacular. It shows where you have been shot and can sometimes break up in mid-flight. (Which is bad for you obviously.)

If you are interested in this new game, Wargaming is currently undergoing a free alpha test for those who apply. (However it is dependable if you are accepted as they are looking for devoted flight-sim gamers.)


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