World of Warplanes: The first glance

The selection menu lets you display your plane as if it were flying in the air.

Several weeks ago I applied for the alpha testing of Wargaming’s upcoming MMO, World of Warplanes, and after what seemed like eternity, they eventually replied back to me over the Easter break saying that I am now an alpha test pilot.

After downloading the client and letting itself update, I finally entered the game for the first time. Just like in World of Tanks, the game starts off with you having three tier one planes from the three default countries, once again being the USA, USSR and Germany. However unlike the constant grinding you have to do to work your way up to higher levels in WoT, it only took me one game to obtain a tier three plane.

The avaliable tiers in the game so far are one, three, six and ten. The reason for this easy progression (a tier ten plane only costing 5,000 credits rather than 5,000,000) may be a result of Wargaming trying to get the testers to test out each vital area of the game. So obviously, yes I do have a tier ten jet fighter. (And yes, it is FAST.)

Now lets get back to the key areas of the game. Gameplay and graphics are the two major factors a game needs to focus on, and Wargaming has once again pulled it off brilliantly. Unlike World of Tanks, World of Warplanes needs you to keep alert at all times, because you’re constantly moving, even if you haven’t loaded onto the map yet. Successful strategy, manouverability and altitude is the key to winning this game, and as a result, it gives a brand new and totally different gaming experience to its older brother.

Currently there are three maps, but each are unique in their own way, having alternating terrain (some maps are flatter than others, etc.) and each are a different size. Another new element is the types of aircraft avaliable. Just like World of Tanks, there are three different types and each has their own colour. White for ordinary fighter, blue for heavy fighter/bomber, and red for heavy attack fighter. However unlike in World of Tanks where a higher tier has a better advantage over lower tiers. In World of Warplanes, a tier six plane can easily shoot down a tier ten if it stays on its tail for long enough. I find that this can be a benefit as it allows weaker players to get a better share of credits and experience instead of dealing out no damage at all and getting one-shotted as a result.

The gameplay and graphics are of an excellent quality for this upcoming freemium MMO.

Another good element is the choice of controls you can use. You can either use the mouse or the keyboard but if you have a joystick, I would highly reccomend using it as it is compatible with the game. Also, do not worry if your PC cannot handle high tier games, Just like World of Tanks, this game is designed to run on any PC with little or no problem at all, and still looks amazing. (Unlike some other flight simulator games…)

As for the official announcement of when this game will go live, it is still unsaid, but it will be soon. So in the meantime, you can still join the global alpha or if you dont want to wait for a reply, I would reccomend playing Combat Flight Simulator to get your skills tuned. And trust me, you’re going to need it.

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