Xbox 360. New updates.

That’s right, it’s that time of year again… Xbox updates!! Yay!!! Okay, so mine only came in late last night, while my brother’s came in like three days earlier. Some of you may have it already, others may still be waiting to get it. Don’t fret, I’m here to fill you in on all those juicy and wonderful details.  It’s chalk full of new features, new lay outs, and what’s this? Internet Explorer! My goodness.

The update doesn’t take all that long to download, baring slow internet, and really just makes things look nice and renames a couple of things. The homepage now has more squares with trailers and news, and one advertisement which seems to be under all the tabs, except social. You can now pin things to your homepage and quickplay has been renamed to recent. Finally,  Zune music and video is now called Xbox music and video. Overall, nothing too fancy under the home tab. The social tab seems to have the least amount of changes, it has just been simplified and makes navigation of a friend’s profile easier, not that it was that hard to begin with…The games tab now has a recommendation section based on demos and games you have played or are saved into your Xbox.  How the system chooses these recommendations may not always seem to make sense, but hey, who am I to judge Microsoft and the Xbox.

The new look for the XBOX 360 updated homepage as of October, 2012.

Moving right along, the tabs: the movie and TV tab now also has a recommendation section and has more trailers that are viewable. Nothing big other than that, again, the recommendation tab doesn’t seem to make much sense sometimes. It’ll recommend things based on what’s popular and movies you’ve watched, and here is where things don’t seem to make sense. For example, I watched Resident Evil: Damnation via Zune, and thus my Xbox recommended Superman vs The Elite. I suppose if you watch many things on your Xbox via Xbox Video instead of Netflix this is a very nice feature; however, they didn’t really seem to change much under the music tab, just adding a few more visuals to keep you updated with what’s going on.

The big deal with this update is the new apps, mainly Internet Explorer. So let’s get into the nitty gritty details of this app. It’s free so that’s a point why you should get this app. I downloaded it to check it out and it actually functions really smoothly. I was impressed to say how easy it was to navigate, though admittedly it did take me a minute to figure out how to fully navigate it. Once you get the hang of it, it can be really nice to see Facebook and other websites in HD, if your using an HD TV that is, or just to see them on the big screen. Really though it’s nothing amazing just navigating the internet with an Xbox controller instead of a mouse and keyboard on your computer. If you’re lazy and don’t feel like moving from your Xbox to your computer it can be nice to have, or for those of you who lack a computer but still need to surf the internet and have access to an Xbox your prayers have been answered.

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