Xbox 360: Protecting yourself against Kinect.

As you may or may not be aware, Microsoft’s Kinect even when not in use, can see you. Its always watching you, even as you sleep. Well it would be if its in your room and has a power-source connected to it. The reasoning behind this? Advertising. Kinect’s ‘watching you while you sleep’ feature does more than what I’ve suggested it does, it can recognise team jumpers when you watch a football game, it can recognise posters, paintings and any other graphics in the room, and then feed all this data to the relevant advertising firms. But what does this mean?

Its main aim is that it allows advertisers to focus more on advertising specifically to an individual or a family. Like in one of those futuristic Sci-Fi films where the antagonist walks past a billboard and it changes to match what the advertisers think he needs. The Kinect recognises what team the family supports, what bands/films they like and feeds them adverts specific to that. Thus the family only gets adverts that the advertisers think will apply to them. And the family gets adverts they they should actually be interested in, Everybody’s Happy! Or are they?

Think of it in other ways, the Kinect sends images back to Microsoft and its advertisers, what if in one of these images, you are naked? Or doing something you would rather they didn’t see? Like playing with a Playstation Move? These images are beyond your control to stop or get back.

But now fear no more!

For Catalyst Components have come to your rescue, with the cleverly named ‘Pritect Sensor Cover,’ the first device of its kind, it removes these security measures that have surrounded the Kinect since release! Its a sleeve which goes over the Kinect! Look how amazing this is! And it can be yours for only £4.99, that is right, only £4.99! Go buy one now! Well actually, what you could do is just unplug the damn thing? Who leaves their Xbox in stand-by mode, really? Just unplug it, cut your energy bill and save over £4.99 a year. If you buy this, you don’t deserve to live, this is just a waste of hard earned cash, this will only be bought by parents of spoilt children or people with OCD. That is all.

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