Xbox 720: Where it stands

With E3 not too far away, the Gaming community is awash with rumours. With the scheduled release of the PS4 at E3, and rumours of a sneak peek at the cleverly dubbed ‘Xbox 720’.

This new Xbox is apparently going to be 6, that’s right, 6 times as powerful as the current one, as Microsoft are rumoured to be manufacturing new technology chips and graphics cards. All evidence however points to many of these only being made available to developers consoles until day of release, thus preventing anyone in the public, reviewing it and giving their opinion and insight.


Along with this monster machine consumers can expect to see a new Kinect 2, coming with the console, not to be confused with the release of the PC-compatible Kinect this year and finally, Blue-ray, Microsoft have admitted their mistake and have abandoned the little used Toshiba HD Drive, and instead opted for the Sony Playstation standard.


With all these new attachments, consumers are wondering, there must be a price, and not just a financial one, what has been removed in the old console to make way for this new technology.

Well, many people will now know about the Online Code system, used by more and more video game developers to date, which we have all come to hate.

You buy a pre-owned game and smack it into the disk-drive and lo and behold you have to pay another £12+ to actually pay it, thus rendering the fact that pre-owned games are statistically cheaper ruined. You may as well buy the actual game. However Microsoft has come up with a rumoured alternative for you!

You can’t play pre-owned games at all!

That’s right, the latest rumour to have come out of the depths of the gaming community is that the new console will not be pre-owned game compatible and

will simply refuse to play them, by what wizardry this will be done it is not known, maybe by somehow linking the disk to a console ID or a Gamertag, at this point we can only hope that these rumours are false.

This would be terrible for shops such as GameStation and Virtual Game as a lot of their revenue is generated via the pre-owned game market. As of now, Microsoft is yet to respond to any of these rumours, but have announced they are considering scrapping the Microsoft Point system for actual money. Which, for one is a great idea, as the amount wasted  by people not knowing how much they are actually spending on backgrounds, arcade games and alike is growing out of hand especially among the younger members of the community.

With E3 drawing ever closer, Microsoft are most likely to be the main focus this year as all eyes are currently on them, awaiting any fact or truth behind these rumours.


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