Yay! Zombies (Android/iOS) Game Review

This is my first review on Games-Tec.com and this game seems like pretty good one to start with so here goes!

If you’re a fan of Fruit Ninja and a fan of killing zombies, then this game is for you.

Yay! Zombies takes on the same concept of Fruit Ninja but with a twist. You have a choice of two weapons, a meat cleaver and an MP5 machine gun (only available after scoring 1000 points with the meat cleaver) and your mission is to slice up or shoot the tossed up, ragdoll zombies into as many pieces as possible while avoiding the sticks of dynamite, and if you manage to slice off every limb you’ll get a neat humiliation bonus.

During game play you’re also faced with crawling hands running across the screen like something out of the Adams Family. These hands offer up some nice little bonus rounds like Freeze – It may seem like a great little bonus but with each zombie comes a nice stick of TNT that’s conveniently in the way.

You get a choice of two game types, Classic and Blitz. As you’d expect from the name, Classic mode is just a normal “play until you lose” game mode, but in Blitz mode you’re given 60 seconds to do as much damage as possible, if you hit a bomb, you don’t end the game, but lose 5 seconds.

Let us know how you do by posting your best Blitz mode score below!

(Yay! Zombies is available free on Android and £0.69 on iOS)


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